site scale 1:2650 (fluid body), 400 x 250 x 70 cm, Agar Agar, glazed ceramics, embroidered textile, 3D printed plastics, fibreglass poles, foamed rubber tape, ropes, tent pegs, twigs, 2022, in collaboration with Ivo Rick

"site scale 1:2650 (fluid body)" is the first collaborative work of the artists Johanna Kunze and Ivo Rick. Scaling down the exhibition site to 1:2650 allowed both to exhibit the idea of a large-scale sculptural gesture and taking the site-specific conditions of transportation into account. A quilt made from reflective outdoor textile resembles the ground plan of the Perlacher Forest with all its paths embroidered across. Tentpole-tripods pierce through the quilt and loft it up. Stretched above the forest ground it opens up shelter. A semiotic layer peeled off from what was once unnamed land? Clotted waters are rising over its shores, falling up to earth. BTW: We do love stone skipping!